(Note that our system only goes to D for some reason)

I got 4 As, 4 Bs and a C.

Ehhh, close enough on that C, that was social studies and we were doing landforms and the names were confusing. WE DIDNT EVEN GO OVER THEM MUCH AND THEN WE HAD A TEST WHAT

Okay, enough about that.

We Day is tomorrow.

Theres a live webcast.

Ive been planning on watching this

Since September.

And now?

Were getting flu shots tomorrow.

Literally two hours into the webcast.

The webcast starts at 9:45 AM and were getting flu shots at eleven forty.

Woo. Great timing.

Two months. Maybe more. All of that, saying I was gonna watch this- and they KNEW how badly I wanted to see this.

And now

Im going to miss at least forty five minutes of it- and knowing my dad it wont just be flu shot, food, home- hell have to go do something else or my sister will make a huge fuss amnd well get stuck at the clinic for the shots.

I swear to god.

If Hedley gets on while Im away, or hes just getting on when I have to go, I will end whoever is closest to me at the time.

I will end them.

Anyway, theres no school tomorrow. Or Friday. I wonder whos gonna be offline tomorrow.

The power flickered today. It was enough to turn the computer off, and it scared me a bit because I had my iPad plugged in and all. But its okay, so thats good. ewe

Ive mentioned Roy here before, right?

Well, hes back. :D

Hes using one of Doki-senpais spare accounts for now.

God, I missed his arts ewe

My dad looked at me yesterday after I found out Roy was back and he asks Do you feel okay? Your cheeks are all red. and Im just here like

hcvuuhnvnhldfv because I know exactly what caused it and I dont even know anymore about him.

I feel all bad for BICCHI-KUN, because some idiots ticked him off real bad and actually made him stop doing commissions. Apparently, people were kind of insulting his style and everything, even the commissions he did for them. D: But Momo-senpais art is all prettyful and stuff, I honestly dont see why people cant just keep quiet if they dont like it. ;-;

Hey look, its nine thirty and Im still online! :o

This is rare. ewe Melissa and mum are watching a movie..

Oh hey, its ten.

And oh hey, I have to go I think.

Bye guys~